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Hypnobirthing for shorter labour and less pain

This easy to follow course teaches you how to have an easier and more comfortable birth with shorter labour, less pain and quicker recovery. The HypnoBirthing Course... This enjoyable and informative hypnobirthing course will thoroughly prepare you psychologically and physically for having the best possible experience of childbirth. Classes are a good mix of practical and theory and you will learn many effective techniques that are useful for your birth and elsewhere in life. Groups are kept small enough to ensure that individual needs are fully satisfied and that techniques are mastered. You will leave feeling confident in your ability to have a positive birth experience. Husbands and birthing partners can really play an important role at the birth and will learn how to help you effectively in having a better birth. See how positive the birth of your baby can be and read some of our hypnobirthing stories. What will you learn? • Special hypnobirthing breathing techniques for relaxation and childbirth. • A range of relaxation techniques for a more comfortable birth • How it is possible for you to have a quick and easy birth with less pain • Different ways of bonding with your unborn baby • Many visualisations to enable you to work confidently with your body • Massage techniques to release endorphins • Fear release methods to overcome concerns about giving birth and parenting • Skills to build your confidence and sense of calm, so that you can look forward to the birth • Birthing affirmations and much more……. What are the Key Benefits of Hypnobirthing? • A special, integral role for the Birthing Partner • Shortens the first stage of labour by several hours • A calm and secure birth experience rather than a tense, stressful ordeal • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers • Fewer breech positions and other complications • Easier resolution in the event of a complication • Good-natured babies who are better sleepers and eaters • A more relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy • Alleviate fatigue during labour, leaving you with energy for the actual birth • Reduces risk of hyperventilation from 'shallow' breathing methods • Promotes bonding of mother, baby and birthing partner • More rapid postnatal recovery • Returns childbirth to the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended

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Locations of our Hypnobirthing London Classes SW19 - Wimbledon, London at a lovely location at the Broadway, Wimbledon NW3 - Hampstead, London at the lovely Philadelphia Association EC1V - Clerkenwellbeing in Clerkenwell, London WC1 - at our private clinic at Harley Street, London SE24 - Herne Hill, London at the beautiful home of Kristin
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next few LONDON course dates: Hypnobirthing - North West London NW3 1-day Course July 2015:         Saturday 4 July 2015 (£179 per couple) NW3 2–day Course July 2015:        Saturday 4 + Sunday 12 July 2015 (£295 per couple) NW3 1-day Course August 2015:       Saturday 1 August 2015 (£179 per couple) NW3 2–day Course August 2015:       Saturday 1 + Sunday 2 August 2015 (£295 per couple) NW3 1-day Course August 2015:         Saturday 29 August 2015 (£179 per couple) NW3 2–day Course August 2015:       Saturday 29th + Sunday 30th August 2015 (£295 per couple) NW3 1-day Course September 2015 Saturday  20th September  2015 (£179 per couple) NW3 2–day Course September 2015: Saturday 20th + Sunday 26th Sept. (£295 per couple) NW3 1-day Course  October 2015:     Saturday 10th October 2015 (£179 per couple) NW3 2–day Course October 2015:     Saturday 10th + Sunday 18th Oct. (£295 per couple) NW3 1-day Course  November 2015: Saturday 14th November 2015 (£179 per couple) NW3 2–day Course November 2015: Saturday 14th + Sunday 22nd November (£295 per couple)                                        Hypnobirthing - South West London SW19 1-day Course July 2015:              Sunday 19 July 2015 (£179 per couple) SW19 2-day Course July 2015:              Sunday 19 July + 26 July 2015 (£295 per couple SW19 1-day Course August 2015:         Sunday 16 August 2015 (£179 per couple) SW19 1-day Course September 2015:   Sunday 13 September 2015 (£179 per couple) SW19 2-day Course September 2015:   Sunday 13 Sept + Sat 19 Sept 2015 (£295 per couple) SW19 1-day Course October 2015:        Sunday 11 October 2015 (£179 per couple) SW19 2-day Course October 2015:        Sunday 11 October + Sat 17 Oct. 2015 (£295 per couple) SW19 1-day Course November 2015:    Sunday  8 November 2015 (£179 per couple)
We offer our enjoyable and informative HypnoBirthing London courses in various structures all setup to enable you to have the best hypnobirth possible. We have Courses running over 2 days, 3 evenings, 2 evenings, 1 weekend or try our latest 1-day condensed courses. The courses are available at various locations in London: NW London (hampstead, primrose hill)  SW London (wimbledon, clapham, southfields), City of London (EC1V, clerkenwell),   SE (herne hill) London Harley Street or privately in the comfort of your home within the M25 area of London).
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“The birth of our son Felipe was a wonderful experience and I am so pleased I attended your course!” Kirsty & Luis Gonzalex, Leatherhead, Surrey
Tel: 0207 267 9519
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James Cracknell & son Croyde  TV presenter Beverley Turner and her husband Olympic Gold Medallist James Cracknell
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Hypnobirthing gave me a birth experience I only could have dreamt about. Like all women I was anxious and uncertain about what to expect. We were aiming for a natural birth but everyone kept telling me it was a ridiculous idea and I should go for the drugs... I was determined to prove them wrong and I did!
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Hi Reshma, Thank  you so much for providing such a positive experience at your workshop! I really feel so empowered and the connection with my husband has just been amazing.  I can't tell you how much the book and your session has changed my life already! I'm feeling really good and we've been practising the techniques over the weekend, plus I listen to the tracks very night and morning as I find they give me real peace and relaxation. I am really looking forward to sharing my birth story and I can't thank you enough for the amazing gift of giving my partner a role and connection in this experience - I think that is so important  and is so often overlooked. I feel now that together we'll share this special experience as a family.  I am already reaping the rewards of our close and connected relationship leading up to the birth - such a special time.   All the best and we look forward to sharing our special birth story with you   xx Fiona  
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Regents Midwifery Private maternity services recommend Reshma’s courses! I highly recommend Reshma as both as a Hypnobirthing practitioner but also as a doula. I've been to hundreds of births over the years and many of the women have been to Hypnobirthing classes. All classes are not the same. Reshma's classes are unique and I've seen the positive results with my clients when they go into labour. Shorter, easier, more relaxed and calm births. Babies happier too!
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